Monday, May 18, 2009

And Just Like That...

Just when we think we have at all figured out...this hidden jewel comes along to shake things up. In the midst of negotiation and dreaming...we must remind ourselves to enjoy the process and keep our chins up.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Crazy You Might Say...

Yes, you might think I'm crazy...I've heard it before. But the only thing I want to do right now is sew...and I can't! And yes, you might ask, "Didn't you get enough sewing in with the costumes?" And my reply would be simple: "Never is there enough sewing". Yah, the rest of my house may be falling apart so badly that I can't stand to be in certain rooms, and the laundry is piled so high...I have no clean work pants, and Roxie's shoes? She really needs some new sandals for summer anyways...right? Oh yah -that's green of simply run out and buy new shoes because hers are forever lost in their bedroom. And their bedroom?! That is the monster I am trying to tackle. It spans over two rooms, the smaller of the two becoming a sort of closet/storage place for all their stuff. And their stuff?! I am so over it...I've just had it! Ask my girls...they'll tell ya.

Deep breath here...I can beat this. I am black bagging a HUGE majority of it and shipping it off, or shoving it into my VW van and driving across town. And that is the reason I am not sewing. Because of all the stuff we don't need and that somehow keeps making it's way into our lives. Makes for a very unhappy, frazzled Mama.

Do you have this problem? Being so overcome with stuff you can hardly breathe?

Not only do I need to gut out and organize for my own sanity, but also for future house looking. Yes, we have settled into staying in this house another year. But a year is not very long and I know all the work I need to do. We have seen a few properties in the last week and have even driven out to them...torture and encouraging at the same time. I know we are not ready to move...and I truly believe that we need to be ready for the change of address for it to happen. Kinda like saying, "OK universe, we're us what you've got!" I know our time will come.

So now, I am off to do chores. On this beautiful rainy day...a perfect day for sewing I should add, I will be doing chores. Don't worry though, I will reward myself with a sewing fix at some point. And if you're interested in such things, I will continue posting recent sewing projects at Craft-Crazy (I have about 10 project yet to share there).

Photo posted: a simple reminder that change happens...even when you are not looking or think you are ready.