Monday, May 16, 2011


Yep - we do it! Although I do my best to remember (and teach the kids), the most important "R" to follow is to Reduce.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

In the Orchard, The Beehive...

After inspecting the hive today, we added another super (honey super: usually shorter than the brood box, but is upper-most box(s) where honey is stored).

We are new to this beekeeping experience, and I love it! Such a rewarding endeavor. There are so many great online resources for the amateur beekeeper. I am currently enjoying the informative "Linda's Bees".

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Living on a Farm, with Kids...

Straight from the 6 year olds mouth after hearing one of the chickens squawk, "That chicken just got fertilized!"

Friday, May 6, 2011

Our Dream of Farming

From the very beginning, Lance and I dreamed of living on a farm. We used to drive the country side on rainy Sunday afternoons, in search of the dream - or at least a glimpse into the family farm life we desired.

We weren't alone, we had strength in numbers. My parents also felt a strong pull to provide an opportunity for the family that would change their children and grand-children's future for the better. A real step towards self sustainability that would (hopefully) be passed down through future generations. A safe haven...a family farm, brimming with everything needed to live fully. A way of life that helps to open awareness of the disconnect we as a society have developed. A disconnect to our surroundings, our food source and the "family unit".

True that, although our farm dreams (those of ours and those of my parents) wove loosely together - we felt confident it was a challenge we were up to. The dream was worth all the hard work, strained relationships and generation gaps. I will be the first to say it hasn't been a picnic. And if you want my advice, I would simply say to talk out all expectations from everyone involved, beforehand. But again, the change of life style and awareness we are now providing our children, outweigh the small differences and communication flaws we experience.

Two years have passed since Lance first brought me/us to the farm (two years this Mother's Day to be exact). I fell in love with the land and farm house instantly. I knew that although it was not the location I had originally desired, it was everything else. The morning commute was tolerable for me and the kids, and even better for Lance. It sported 3 shops, a barn, corral, orchard and two houses (one in need of major renovation). Two long months of anticipation and hard work later, after selling a rental property owned by my parents...we were handed the keys!

As I have already stated, the second home was (and still is) in need of renovation before my parents can move in. Meanwhile, our family of six and my parents, are all living in the large farm house together...yep, together. You can call me crazy, and I would agree. I knew this aspect of the family farm project would be a challenge, but I never anticipated the extent it would challenge me - on every level possible. I feel I must share this part of the family farm life. Its real and sometimes gritty. You see, renovation progress is slow and at times I feel it will never happen. Imagine my despair! I fully miss having my own home, with my children and my husband. When I find myself feeling out of sorts and gloomy (more often than I care to admit) - a walk around the farm, into the barn where the goats and chickens live, to the corral where I spy our happy cattle, or even the unfinished pig pen...this all helps to bring me back around to the "big picture" and why we chose this life path to begin with. I must remind myself of the progress we have made, we really have accomplished quite a bit these last two years.

Spring 2011 finds us counting our blessings and remembering a time when owning a farm was just a dream. Now the dream just gets better with each passing season. More bee hives, sheep, green houses, canning kitchen,...I could go on and on......fiber goats, a spinning wheel, cob oven, soap making, quilts to sew, food to process!

As we nourish the dream, it provides us with a way of life we never could have imagined while living in town...Dream on!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Out on the Farm...

...Garlic in the garden...

...Chickens and goats in the barn...

...Bulbs blooming...

...and lots of exploring!