Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Setting the Stage...

Lance and I have settled into the idea of living at least one more year in our house. One more year before we can seriously start looking for our country home. With our surrendering, came Lance breaking out his shovel to build more garden space. A way of coping perhaps. We both long to live in the country with our children. To give them the life we feel is crucial for humankind's positive progress into the future...my children's future.

Funny how these simple actions -shovel work and seed planting, can set the stage as a reminder...a reminder to be grateful for what space we do have, to be content, to be here now...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Bringing in Spring '09...

Just as we brought in the Autumn Equinox...we gathered together to bring in spring. With no apples in sight, we switched gears to root beer making. What fun!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Admitting We're Human...And Then Moving Forward

Saying you're Sorry is never easy. It means you must swallow your pride, admit you were wrong and simply...face the music. But, the way I see it, being sorry for actions said or done, is an opportunity for positive growth. Taking what has been learned, from both sides of the apology, and then moving forward. Forward towards more open and flowing communication, towards stronger bonds and healthier friendships.

The photo posted is of Roxie writing her big sister, Kaziah, a sorry note. You see, Kaziah had "bought"(with fake money earned at school) a butterfly and cage at the school auction. While she was at dance class, Roxie decided it needed attention of some sort. This, of course, ended with the butterfly getting away and a very sorry, teary-eyed four year old. Now, these weren't the tears of a child whose only thoughts were of getting into trouble, oh no. Hers were big tears of true sorriness. She knew how excited her big sister had been about the butterfly. And now, because of her, it was gone.

As a way to comfort both her and Kaziah, I suggested she write an apology. Needless to say, Kaziah was heartbroken when she came home, went straight to her new pet and found it gone. She hollered out from her bedroom, "Where is my butterfly...Roxie!" My Roxie was brave, she did not hesitate. I watched as she told her sister what had happened and then hand her the sorry note, all the while knowing how upset Ziah would be. Although Kaziah did have a hard time hiding her disappointment, she gave Roxie a big hug and told her thank you for the card. She now uses it as a bookmark. A few times since, as I'm making my goodnight-lights-out bedtime bit, Kaziah has shown me the card and remarked on how special it is. She says this in such a sweet, big sister kinda way, my heart just melts...melts into a big puddle of pride.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oracle of Sorts...

Marjory the Trash Heap is a large, matronly, sentient compost heap from Fraggle Rock. According to her rat-like companions Philo and Gunge, who serve as her shills, the Trash Heap knows all and sees all. In fact Marjory is all: "I'm orange peel, I'm coffee grounds, I'm wisdom!" She serves as an oracle to the Fraggles, dispensing advice and wise sayings, and the Fraggles stand in awe and reverence of her.

That is who I thought of as I photographed our progress in the garden. We were adding our compost to the garden beds, wishing we had done a bit more chopping before we threw our food refuse in the pile, when it dawned on me...we have our own Marjory the Trash Heap! Our own all-knowing oracle, who just is...just happens. I love to think of our backyard compost pile in this way, makes me grateful. More importantly, let's not forget the wonderful benefits of composting...from pumping up the garden, to lessening the load in our landfills, to making a person think a bit more about how wasteful humans can be...

How 'bout you, do you have your own Marjory the Trash Heap residing in your garden space as well?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Rambling On...and On

Color Your World Pink started as a way to stay connected with friends and family. I was inspired to do so by my Mom and Aunt Lisa who blogged their journey across the Southern States. I wasn't completely new to the blogosphere world, the idea of me actually having one just never occurred. Color Your World Pink was first open to invite reads only. But, as I started searching and reading other blogs, I decided I wanted in on the blogging action. I really feel people underestimate the power blogging carries. The opportunity it provides to connect people across the world is quite mind boggling.

I started with Color Your World Pink, then as my brother, Sam, was restoring a 356 Porsche and had me documenting I thought, "A blog would be perfect for this!" and that become My 356 Restoration. If you haven't yet, go check it out. The blog is completely photo only and you would never know by looking at them that the shop photographed is the very one I grew up hanging out in. A VW shop that sits on Main Street in our Old Downtown district. My brothers and I had the run of Main St. Sure, we got into trouble, but we knew the shop keepers that were friendly and the ones we stayed away from...like the grumpy old jeweler in a little, musty closet of a shop. Looking back now, he was probably a cool old guy. Anyway, these photos hold dear to me on many levels. Provokes thoughts of childhood, simpler times and also gratefulness for what we had and now hold. A family business that has kept and sustained us. Yep, the smell of carb cleaner will always take me back.

Shortly after, another "Myshell" blog was born, Craft-Crazy-Thrift-Spinner. I find it funny the blog I frequent the most, was the last thought of. I have always loved handcraft, my first blog reads were craft dedicated ones. Sewing, in particular, has always been an element in my life. I turn to it when I am happy or sad, overflowing with inspiration or lacking of. My happy space -full of light, color and the smell of starch. An open notebook, colored pencils and cup of coffee is an excellent way to spend an afternoon. Especially if you have young ones next to you with pencil in hand. Just a fountain of inspiration there. At Craft-Crazy you'll find old and new projects of mine. I'm not a tutorial writer, more of a show and teller. It's a showcase of my crafty skills...from cake baking to knitting (I'm a lousy knitter!) to Thrift-Spinning.

Where am I going with all this you might ask...I would too.

At times I feel much more inclined to hang out at Craft-Crazy and neglect my writing here, which is something I also enjoy but must make time for, where sewing/crafting just happens. I have thought of combining the two blogs, Pink and Craft-Crazy, but dismissed the idea immediately. Instead, I have enlisted help. Help from my amazing, yet reluctant, husband who says blogging is too open. He's not a very social guy at all...which is kinda funny cause he married me! And if you know me at all, you know I love to connect and be social. You could say we balance each other pretty well. So, after stating my point of view: "What if by blogging what we're doing to lighten our footprint, we inspire others to look more closely at their footprint. Sharing how we built our cold frame or rain barrel could very well connect you to someone who has good advise or questions to help them on their way. You just never know." Finally, I got what every woman loves to hear, "Yah, I guess you're right" ...YES!

So now...I am happy to announce that my awesomely amazing husband will be here with me at times, to help me keep our blog more green minded and not so fluffy. I'm not saying it's the end of my fluff...I like fluff, fluff is good. It's just, Lance's presence will give me the balance and inspirational guidance to keep Color Your World Pink rolling where I would like it to go. That's all.

What can I say, Lance ROCKS! and I want to share more of him with you.

Until next ramble...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

As it Goes...

Loving... the green (native) grasses reaching up to the sun, the garden planning and seed planting, the fresh paint and organized spaces within our home. The games we play outside and the birds we feed and count. New discoveries to be made, lessons to learn and songs to sing. The warm breeze that speaks of spring and the summer to follow. Spring carries such wonderful potential...