Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tell All...

I have been itching to share our news with the blogoshere for a while now. I will admit to feeling a little apprehensive after last summers events though. We have seen the baby's heart beating on three different occasions, and everything is going along swimmingly. Growing right on schedule and is even measuring fairly big! With my other three babes, the ultrasound measurements always marked the babe as small, like by a week or so. This time around, the babe is measuring about a week bigger....perhaps it is a boy??? Honestly, I really don't care either way, girl or boy.

I have started preparing in ways only a pregnant mama would understand. Yoga stretches, lots of walking and a few baby items bought here and there. I have two things on my list to find for this baby, things I will keep for my grandbabies. One is a handcrafted, wooden bassinet and another is a wooden highchair. We have this super nice baby store in town, one that is all "gently used". I never had a reason to visit before, gosh -my last baby was born almost 6 years ago!! Now I find myself in that position again, and ever so thankful. The first time I walked into this store, a wooden bassinet was displayed in the window and $50 later, the first "must-have" was checked off my list. Happy day!

We still have a bit of remodeling to do before this summer, namely the basement family room -complete with pellet stove. Right now though, I refuse to do any of the remodel work I would normally do -taping, texturing and painting. I am not lifting anything super heavy either. After the crazy summer of moving and all that came with it - I am not taking any chances - even if the doctor says that is not why I lost the baby. Lance has walls to build and the work I would normally do too.....and a pregnant wife to make sure it all gets done on time. Lucky for him, the nesting hasn't kicked in full steam...yet. Yet being the key word here.

So there you have it. Baby #4 is doing well and kicking up a storm -not that I can feel it yet, I have just seen the little jumping bean bouncing all over the place via ultrasound. Oh and, right now I am almost 12 weeks along. August 10th is my due-date. Isn't it amazing what, at 11 weeks, you can see in a 3d ultrasound? Blows my mind every time how quickly a little "shrimp" becomes a human baby.

I can't even pretend that I will back to this space in any predictable manner, I definitely post more on my craft blog. You will always find more of me there. Lots of new babies coming into the world right now and costume season is close at hand...


Friday, January 8, 2010

A New Year...

I have made no New Year's Resolutions, barely thought about it really. And honestly, the past year was such a roller coaster of emotion and events, I am happy to be done with it and starting fresh. Bad attitude? Nope, like I said -I'm just being honest with you.

I was recently in an almost major car accident. Although nobody, including the cars, was hurt (Thank Goodness for quick thinking and skilled driving!) I can't tell you how much it shook me up and brought me back to feeling grateful for the everyday. How quickly it can all be taken away. And how easy it is to get caught up in the everyday busyness, so easy to lose focus. So, I guess if I were to have a New Year's Resolution, it would be this: Finding and keeping "my center" in all that I do and enjoying life without complaining about the uncomfortable bits. Fairly simple, yet more than not, overlooked by too many.

Looks like I just made a New Year's Resolution! I think I can flow with that.

How about you? Are you ready for this squeaky clean, shiny New Year?