Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Native Landscape Gone Wild...

Our front yard landscape: something I will miss when we move. I sure hope the new owners, whomever they may be, appreciate the goodness happening there. Yes, I say I will miss it, but not too terribly bad. If you follow along here, you will have seen what my man can do with a shovel. I know that at our new place, it will only get better.

I have been watching him look out over the 5 acres we are moving to...and dream. We have big plans folks, big plans. Plans that include a huge garden, green house, potting shed/canning kitchen, cob oven, sweat lodge, ponds, rock gardens...oh, and the animals. Their space is already in place, just needs a bit of love...and no worries there, we have a lot of love to spread.

Farmhouse up-date: We received the key last Friday - Happy Day to us! We were concerned Lance would be out of town for a length of time when this actually happened. Which would have meant he would miss the first camp-out inside the farmhouse. Luckily -that is not how it all went down. We were able to holiday together over the weekend. Yesterday he left for a ten day work load at Glacier National Park, where he is working to keep invasive plant species in check. My job, as soon as I hit the publish button here, is to pack, pack, clean and then pack some more. I will be splitting my time between the townhouse and the farmhouse. I have a few rooms to paint in the farmhouse before I start unpacking there. I definitely can't do it all alone. When Lance gets home, and on his four days off before he heads back, he has 3 egress windows to install and some wall studs to build. Once the studs and windows are in place, I can truly finish my job...but that is another post for another day.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Salsa Garden is a Tease...

Our garden went neglected for about a month while we worked our tails off on that rental (the work paid off, it sold the first day it was listed!). We're happy that it didn't feel the neglect and just shrivel up and die on us...I have the unusually wet and dark month of June to thank for that.

Ours is not just a salsa garden...but the salsa makings are high on my list. I love fresh salsa. I'll put that in bold so perhaps you get the point as to how much I love fresh salsa. Luckily, I have found another source of fresh-enough salsa to satisfy my buds when I don't have my own home-made goodness at hand. Although I know my peppers and tomatoes are not quite ready, I want to just pluck em, chop em and eat em up!

If we're lucky, and I know this sounds really weird, we won't get the chance to fully pick all of our salsa produce. Yah -Huh?- is right. You see, when we planted this garden, we had no idea that the farmhouse would present itself in such a manner. If I am lucky, we will be selling our downtown home of 7/8 years by this fall. If we're lucky that is. I have yet to pack, move and then put our beloved home on the market. I will be content with however it all goes down.

So, besides the occasional ready-to-pick pepper, someone else may be enjoying my freshly picked veggies. At least, I truly hope the new owners will appreciate the garden space we have created. As for now, I will continue enjoying photographing them and dreaming about the salsa garden of next year.

I'll be back tomorrow to share more of our garden goodness...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Check It! Killdeer...

During one of the first visits to our farm (our farm...loving the sound of that!) Lance and I happened upon a Killdeer nest. I love the antics of this particular bird. We knew they were close to the nest by the adult birds behavior. As soon as we heard their call, we stopped walking and started searching the ground. Didn't take long to find the nest. Meanwhile, the parent bird was trying to get our attention by using the broken-wing-act and calling out...which kinda sounds like it's name -Killdeer Killdeer. When we returned to the farm a week later, the eggs were gone.

How we both loved finding this nest. Can you hear me sighing and saying, "Oh Lance, our own Killdeer!" Guess I took it as a good sign......

(Photo from Wikipedia)