Monday, March 31, 2008

Pyr Hair Everywhere!

Worked on Rogue and his shedding for about an hour today...the collection picture doesn't even show what was left on the yard, floating in the air or stuck to me. A Great Pyrenees in the spring...just may get me the Dyson I've been asking for. (A refurbished one to be exact...another way to curb the "Golden Arrow"...and save money!)

Doesn't he look so handsome with his coat freshly brushed?

Pink Paint...

In my reorganizing and de-stuffing of our home, I decided to freshen up Roxie's bedroom paint a bit. Yes, this may sound a little odd, but I take any chance I get to dip my brush into some of my favorite paint colors. This pink paint, (Olympic -Pink Clay Pot) is my all-time favorite in the pink color wheel.

Lance is not a big fan of this pink paint, or more honestly, anything pink! (He has three with it I say!)
Seeing how I do all the painting around here, I listen to his opinion...but ultimately do whatever I like. As long as I keep the master bedroom green, he keeps his comments about the pink paint to himself, most of the time...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Herrett Center...

Over spring break I took my crew (Ausha, Kaziah, Roxie, Rocco, Mia, Micheal and Ashley) to the Herrett Center for some good free fun. I love this place, so many things to look at and discover. You can learn a lot about Idaho and who used to live here. The kids never tire of the place. They also hold a Mingle in the Jungle evening where they break out the snakes and have an educational, hands on event. As I have a bit of a snake phobia, I usually stay home and Lance takes the kids. Although, I guess I should face my fears and join them...maybe next time.

More photos...

Punta Mona

Our friend, Talia, just returned home from nine weeks in Punta Mona. Her stories were fun to hear and the Rum she brought home was mighty fine, mighty fine indeed.

One of my favorite stories is men asking to share a shower to "Save water", always a good cause. Ha Ha! I'm sure Rich, her husband, didn't think it was too funny...but I got a good laugh!

It's nice to have you home Talia. I look forward to learning the organic gardening tricks you now have up your sleeve. Cheers to you, where's that Rum?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Family Hike...

Our family spent a special day together this past Monday. We went hiking, had dinner out and then finished the evening by attending the Golden Dragon Acrobats of China. Good family fun for all.

While we're on a family hike, we get about ten steps and then we're all crouched over some plant. Lance telling us what he knows about it, either it being a "good guy" (native) or a "bad guy" (invasive species). We learn about soil crust, birds and plants. All three girls are very proud and excited to show what they know and what they have discovered. "Hey Dad...check this one out! What is it? Is it native? Hey Mom, take a picture of this one!" I usually end up at the back of the line, taking pictures and enjoying the sights. Most lovely being my family, my kids learning from each other and interacting with us...The sky, rocks beneath my feet and the smell of sage brush always brings me home.

For more photos of our hike (all 93 of them!), click here.

Also, if you have never seen the Golden Dragon Acrobats, be sure to click the link. If you ever get a chance to...don't pass it up. Worth the ticket price on a school night.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Spreading the Word...

Conservation, Seeding and Restoration (CSR -Lance's work) holds the annual Earth Day Celebration. We used the St. Patties Day Parade to help spread the word. Such fun! This past weekend, our family worked on the banner and Lance's globe costume (I can't believe I missed getting a picture with Lance in his costume!) Lance has wanted this costume for years. We tried to get it together last year, but failed. This year we were fresh with ideas and it turned out great. Check my Flickr for more pictures of our fun.

My next "BIG" project...setting up the "Bennett Family Recycling" booth for the Earth Day Celebration. I am figuring the best way to reach people is with lots of eye-candy. I am not just focusing on recycling though, it takes all three "R's" to make it work. Most important being...reducing. Spreading the word is what it's all about, our family lives to "Save the Planet". know you are getting through when your own daughter tries to wear the same clothes four days in a row. When I told her to at least change her shirt for school, I got this reply, "But Mom! I'm saving the planet!" Brings a tear to my eye...

Remember...Everyday is Earth Day!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Earth Day...

Much excitement in the family about this event. We have our own booth!

Check it out! Celebrate Earth Day

Monday, March 10, 2008

New Idea...Thrift-Spinner

As you may know, I love to sew. I try to be a "green" consumer when it comes to groceries and the like, but the fabric store holds a dilemma. It is my major weakness, and Lance would be the first to agree. I can "Save the Planet" all day long, but when it comes to the fabric I need for my projects, I hit a wall. I have many other thrifted ideas in mind, but was extremely excited when I popped this beauty out. I am calling this new venture Thrift-Spinner.

The idea was born last week during one of my sleepless nights and I could not wait for the sun to rise so I could put it into action! Finding inspiration from thrifted goods is not new, but creating something that people actually want can be a challenge. So, last Friday Roxie and I hit up a few of our local thrift shops and bought the old prom dresses that no sixteen year old would possibly want. You know the kind, 80's puffy sleeves and shoulder pads. I took them home and started cutting. A practice run was in order before getting serious about my Etsy shop items. Roxie was thrilled, a new Jasmine costume was top of her list and I was happy to oblige. (she is so "princess stage" right now) For my Etsy shop, I will focus on dress-up gear for both boys and girls. Masks, tutus and capes. Eventually I will incorporate more elaborate designs, but for my time spent to actually pay off, I need to keep it simple.

And, much to my delight, after sharing the idea I already have people offering up old bride's maid dresses, thanks Lisa!

If you think the Jasmine costume looks a little big, it is. I made it a size five for long wear. Roxie is so happy with it, that last night when I told her to get her jammies on, she told me, "But I don't want to! Mom, you need to sew another costume just like this one, but with jammie stuff!" Made me smile, she has such confidence in my ability. Couldn't ask for more from your daughter. I hope to be a good example when it comes to thinking outside the box.

So there you have it. I am your Craft-Crazy Thrift-Spinner. Now, where is my seam ripper, I have work to do.

(This Jasmine costume was made from three different thrifted dresses)

Side note: Blogger is blogging me out these days! I have tried uploading these pix every hour and keep hitting errors. Six hours later, I can finally post -without all the pix I wanted to share though. (check my flickr for more pix on Thrift-Spinner) Arg! Darn that Blogger sometimes!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kids and Ducks...

I have been sick since Saturday, the girls did their best to share and I was hit the hardest. I needed some fresh air to lift my spirits. (actually, I was happy just to be out of bed!) A trip to feed the ducks, "Where the dead people are!" was in order. No disrespect intended, this is just what my three year old calls a cemetery. After that, we hit up our library for some fun books on ducks. Kids are such fun. I love seeing through their eyes, keeps things in perspective.

And why, exactly, is it that when Momma gets sick, everything falls apart? Ya, I am the glue here, but come on! And I'm sure I am not the only wife/mom with this complaint...