Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Small Stuff...RRR

Small ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle...
Buying in bulk and not "needing" fancy jars to keep it in. Just give me an old pickle jar. New/hardly used -good- candles from the 2nd hand store...spent $5 on the whole set...four candles and the wooden banana tray. Now, that's find. I get my candles and am still Reducing my impact/demand, Reusing what's already out there, BYOBing (bring your own bag) and in turn cutting out the plastic bag recycling...always a good thing.

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Going Crunchy said...

Thanks for your comment! I miss your posts and comments. I've been much less active with everything going on in our life.

Despite my attachment to things, it is hard to lose your home. I keep seeing the light in that once we are out of this we will be free in a sense - and we are picking a place to rent where the kids can walk to school, or I can bike to work. It just hurts right now.

I'm so sorry I never sent payment for the craft that you made - or Christmas goodies! I think I've "gone under" with life for just a little bit - and I'm trying to swim up.............

As you is a process.