Friday, March 27, 2009

Admitting We're Human...And Then Moving Forward

Saying you're Sorry is never easy. It means you must swallow your pride, admit you were wrong and simply...face the music. But, the way I see it, being sorry for actions said or done, is an opportunity for positive growth. Taking what has been learned, from both sides of the apology, and then moving forward. Forward towards more open and flowing communication, towards stronger bonds and healthier friendships.

The photo posted is of Roxie writing her big sister, Kaziah, a sorry note. You see, Kaziah had "bought"(with fake money earned at school) a butterfly and cage at the school auction. While she was at dance class, Roxie decided it needed attention of some sort. This, of course, ended with the butterfly getting away and a very sorry, teary-eyed four year old. Now, these weren't the tears of a child whose only thoughts were of getting into trouble, oh no. Hers were big tears of true sorriness. She knew how excited her big sister had been about the butterfly. And now, because of her, it was gone.

As a way to comfort both her and Kaziah, I suggested she write an apology. Needless to say, Kaziah was heartbroken when she came home, went straight to her new pet and found it gone. She hollered out from her bedroom, "Where is my butterfly...Roxie!" My Roxie was brave, she did not hesitate. I watched as she told her sister what had happened and then hand her the sorry note, all the while knowing how upset Ziah would be. Although Kaziah did have a hard time hiding her disappointment, she gave Roxie a big hug and told her thank you for the card. She now uses it as a bookmark. A few times since, as I'm making my goodnight-lights-out bedtime bit, Kaziah has shown me the card and remarked on how special it is. She says this in such a sweet, big sister kinda way, my heart just melts...melts into a big puddle of pride.

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