Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Time '09...

To me Easter is a time of new beginnings, a time to be grateful for the fullness in our lives, a time for nature and within ourselves. The whole Easter Bunny thing is kind of a drag, but I play along for my girls. Keeping to our base of nurturing a love of the natural world, we filled the girls baskets with native seeds and each with a native plant: Pale Evening Primrose, Lovely Penstemon and Trilobata. And of course, a Mama-Made goodie completed the Easter Basket madness. Each of the girls planted their native seeds and plants in our bird garden. The rest of our Easter was spent playing in the garden, riding bikes and simply enjoying the sunshine and good company.

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Layla said...

Lovely daughter with a lovely plant! (What is it?)

It's so great to see a proud kid with a beam in her eyes because she's planting something & doing something good for the planet & us all!! :)

Hope you had a Happy Easter..!! :)