Friday, March 19, 2010

Getting Big - A Tractor - Still Hanging Here

Yep - the chicks are getting big! They change so much every day, these photos were taken last week. Looking forward to the day we have fresh eggs! The weather is getting nicer and the chicks are slowly moving closer to living outside.

Another new addition to our farm...a tractor! This is like the total "Farmer in the Dell" tractor to me. Perfect fit for five acres. We are slowly getting attachments -a front loader and a much needed corrugator have been scored. Here you see Kaziah driving it all by herself...

Although I am busy sewing costumes right now, the garden is close at hand! Lance has been itching to get his hands dirty...but I have been pushing for the remodel to get to a certain point before we move work outside. No, that does not mean the basement family room is done...gosh I wish so! But the walls are built, electrical installed and sheetrock hung. And until I have the time to work on the finish work -thats where it will sit. I really hope to be working on the finish before I get too big to do the tape/texture. We may be paying someone to do it, just saying...

My pregnancy is going fabulously -working on my 20th week now! I have been feeling the baby move everyday...this one is a jumper I tell you! I am not one that can wait until the babe is born to know the April 6th we will (hopefully) know what name to be finding...narrow our choices a bit, you know? Funny about the names, I like Finn either way...boy or girl. I also like Wren for a girl...time will tell!

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