Thursday, August 18, 2011

Clipping the Chicken Wings

"Golden Boy"

"Big Red"

"Jed the Half Breed" From what we can tell he is half Polish Crested and maybe Wyandotte? He is a small rooster, with such a pathetic crow, we couldn't bring ourselves to kill him.

Before we had the main chicken coop finished (still waiting for completed fencing before I show the final project) , 30 plus of our chickens lived in the barn. They liked it there, a lot. We didn't like the mess though, so as soon as Black Bart's "Hide Out" was finished, we moved the other chickens into their new, soon to be finished home.

Only problem? Some of the chickens REALLY liked the barn and wouldn't stop flying fences to return to the beloved space! Only solution was to clip wings. We started with the roosters and so far, only one hen has made her way back to the barn. After clipping her wings, she returned back to the barn again! What to do with her now? I'm not so sure. Black Bart may just receive another lady! Hopefully she will be happy with him in their new home. Time will tell!

We like our eggs fertilized, so we decided to keep as many roosters as possible for our group -about one rooster for every 13-15 hens. We are still a bit short of hens for that quota, but craigslist has proven helpful in our quest to obtain more hens.

We watch a lot of "Chicken TV"

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