Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Walk about the Farm on a Cold November Evening...

Finn loves to collect eggs!

And mooooo at the cows! 

Stop in the barn and you'll find: 2 goats and a handful of chickens we call "The Misfits". These hens, and one rooster, Big Red, never did seem comfortable in the larger group. 
Chickens are funny like that.
Also in the barn: what do you get when you put 2 bunnies together? 9 bunnies, of course!!! 
Awww wabbit...the sustainable meat! Enchiladas anyone? 


They're hidden quite well, but there are at least 7 baby bunnies here. 
What a surprise for the girls Sunday afternoon! 

 Finn approves of this year's pumpkin harvest.
Looking for a great pumpkin seed recipe? Look no further - click here!

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