Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Year...2012

A New Year, full of hope and dreams. Embracing the joy of fresh beginnings, and holding on tight.

To bring the New Year in properly you must rid yourself of the past years "baggage". And that is just what we did New Years Eve, we torched the burn pile! Topped with our recently discarded Christmas tree, we burnt the ever accumulating 2011 pile, the one that took up residence in our soon-to-be home for pigs...yes, Pigs! Now with the pen clear, we are one step closer to our goal: "Pigs: Spring 2012".

Another milestone was reached this past weekend. A milestone that helped kick the New Year off to a great start: major demolition/remodel work on my parents home has begun! Really and truly. I can see progress, and it comes at a time when I am yearning for such. It's amazing how a touch of progress can make one feel so very determined, and grateful too.

2012, We welcome you with Full Hearts and Determined Minds.