Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sun Shine Down...

Needing sunshine...seems to be the case whenever I feel overwhelmed with responsibility - yup, I yearn for the sun. For that empowering fire ball to bestow its glorious love on me. 

I have so many happenings to blog about! Honey, rabbits, barns, remodels, babes getting older, recipes...and I never seem to get back to this space. I love blogging! But I suppose it's one of those luxuries I grant myself only when "this and that" is complete. Totally a mom thing to do - to put myself last. I am trying to get past this block. Trying to find the balance I crave and need.

So with that, I will share a favorite photo of the sun shining down on me on a beautiful summer day, and then give myself the "mama break" I deserve. (yes, I said deserve -just like all busy mamas do)

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