Friday, March 1, 2013

New Found Determination

Just unloaded 19 photos from Jan 2013 off my "big" (Nikon D3000) camera.

None for February. Wow... that is a sad, pathetic display.

They're not even great photos, mostly just chore progress photos. I take pride in my photos, I don't necessarily think they're the best, but they're mine. They follow our life and the roads we take. Me not reaching for the Nikon means I am not taking the time I enjoy to slow down.

If I had to pick, and I just did, this photo of 'Black Bart' and his girls would be my favorite of the lot. Looks like they're having some sort of coop meeting. Chickens are funny creatures. The January garden is doing exactly what it should be, resting. But boy oh boy, do I ever miss her company!

Although iphones are great (love Instagram!), I have a new found determination for getting my real camera back in hand. And with that, finding my way back to this lonely little blog I call mine.

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