Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Babies

Spring brings with her so many new babies on the farm! 35 new layers added to the flock, with another 15 tomorrow. We also have 25 cornish meat birds growing like crazy. Mid May they will make their way to the freezer.

We've added a pedigree Pygmy buck to the herd. He should make us some beautiful Kinders with our Nubian does. The bunnies are here, with the first batch of the season about ready to butcher. And the first of 5 new calves was born this past weekend!

This pretty lady decided to go broody, she's been sitting on 14 eggs for almost 3 weeks now.

This is this first year to welcome turkey chicks born on the farm. After introducing a male heritage turkey to the flock, we were told our turkey hen would still be too young to produce. She proved them wrong! The mama had decided it best to sit on eggs in the neighbor's brush pile. After hatching, we moved her and the babies back to the farm.

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