Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Family Hike...

Our family spent a special day together this past Monday. We went hiking, had dinner out and then finished the evening by attending the Golden Dragon Acrobats of China. Good family fun for all.

While we're on a family hike, we get about ten steps and then we're all crouched over some plant. Lance telling us what he knows about it, either it being a "good guy" (native) or a "bad guy" (invasive species). We learn about soil crust, birds and plants. All three girls are very proud and excited to show what they know and what they have discovered. "Hey Dad...check this one out! What is it? Is it native? Hey Mom, take a picture of this one!" I usually end up at the back of the line, taking pictures and enjoying the sights. Most lovely being my family, my kids learning from each other and interacting with us...The sky, rocks beneath my feet and the smell of sage brush always brings me home.

For more photos of our hike (all 93 of them!), click here.

Also, if you have never seen the Golden Dragon Acrobats, be sure to click the link. If you ever get a chance to...don't pass it up. Worth the ticket price on a school night.


Shannon Hodgins said...

How cool! I want to get field guide books out when we can get out hiking more. Sounds like you have a living version of one.

Myshell... said...

Yep, my own living/walking field guide, I like the sounds of that!