Monday, March 17, 2008

Spreading the Word...

Conservation, Seeding and Restoration (CSR -Lance's work) holds the annual Earth Day Celebration. We used the St. Patties Day Parade to help spread the word. Such fun! This past weekend, our family worked on the banner and Lance's globe costume (I can't believe I missed getting a picture with Lance in his costume!) Lance has wanted this costume for years. We tried to get it together last year, but failed. This year we were fresh with ideas and it turned out great. Check my Flickr for more pictures of our fun.

My next "BIG" project...setting up the "Bennett Family Recycling" booth for the Earth Day Celebration. I am figuring the best way to reach people is with lots of eye-candy. I am not just focusing on recycling though, it takes all three "R's" to make it work. Most important being...reducing. Spreading the word is what it's all about, our family lives to "Save the Planet". know you are getting through when your own daughter tries to wear the same clothes four days in a row. When I told her to at least change her shirt for school, I got this reply, "But Mom! I'm saving the planet!" Brings a tear to my eye...

Remember...Everyday is Earth Day!

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creme brulee aka GH said...

you know you're doing well, myshell, when your daughter wears a shirt four days in a row and wants to go for more. loved it!

my laundry basket doesn't fill up as fast as it used to, I haven't used the dryer since I can't remember when and my jeans iron themselves - wrinkle free after about... four days!

I hope that's an Irish beer Lance is drinking as he paints. (I saved my Guinness for tonight's "shed night' because of the Food Bank Challenge.)