Saturday, August 22, 2009

This Big...An Announcement!

Growing our family by one come March, is what my mind is completely preoccupied with. This young plum from our orchid is about the size of our fetus right now...

Add a townhouse to sell, a farmhouse to move into fully and you could describe my life as a scrabbled egg. The best description I have heard yet.

Good thing I like scrambled eggs, eh?

(scrabbled eggs and a baby announcement in the same post...kinda funny to me. You can excuse my pregnant brain if you'd like)


Going Crunchy said...


Do you need baby clothes? Have you already gotten rid of yours? I'm seriously unloading mine next week - what do you need?

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! Shannon

Myshell said...

Oh Shannon, we do not have anything. If we have a girl I have the few favs leftover from the other girls, but none of the everyday living stuff. If you're unloading your stash, I'd totally admit to loving a little number from your neck of the woods;)

Finding the baby "equipment" is going to be like a treasure hunt.

I'm so excited! We were supposed to be done.....but I was always so hopeful. Now I have a farm in the works...and a new baby as well. Sigh

Cheers Shan!