Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pockets of Time, A New Day Job!

I find myself with little pockets of time, usually spent with this crazy little girl of mine, Roxie. I know I have talked before about how much I love the simple pleasure of just hanging with her, but I can't really put into words the balance she gives me, the Perspective. She spreads smiles as she states, "This is the best day of my life!"

I know she truly lives that statement and I hope her attitude never changes...Such a light-hearted little sprite she is. I only wish I could see it as clearly as she obviously does. Some days, I have too much clutter blocking my mind. Too many obligations, chores and sleepiness. But you know what? She is always there to remind me to take it slower, to roll down the grassy hill, to have a stick race in the canal or chase the birds...just because we can.

I am going to continue reminding myself of this lesson as I plunge into a new part-time day job. Not sure where it will put me for creative blogging head space here...which kinda sounds funny because that is what my new job completely entails! I have faith a new schedule, one that fits into my Mommy schedule, will work itself out nicely.

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