Tuesday, November 17, 2009

That New Job...

I mentioned something about a new day job earlier and thought I would elaborate. As you may know, my husband works for an amazing company, Conservation Seeding & Restoration Inc. This job is a perfect avenue for us to teach our girls about "Saving the Planet". You see, whenever Lance leaves town to work on a wilderness restoration project or similar work detail, they know their Dad is "Saving the Planet" from those nasty invasive plant species...which in turn creates a more natural habitat for everything in that particular area. A feel good job for us as a family. Lance leaving town like he does is not always easy, but again -Saving the Planet takes work and dedication. I have always been extremely supportive of his work choice and until lately, always cheered CSR on from the sidelines. Not any more.

I am now heading the CSR blog in a new direction. Hooking it up to social medias like Twitter and Flickr. Seeing where it will take us and hopefully making new connections with like-minded people.

I invite you to join us and become a part of the on-going conversation. One that helps us all become more aware of our choices and how those choices impact our immediate environment. I am excited to watch our readership grow and hope we can make a ripple in the wave of change.

Check it out! CSR-Inc: Blog, Flickr and Twitter

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