Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Challenge...

Chile Chews is on to something...Presenting my very first challenge. Reduce-Reuse-Recycle: Rethink it! The purpose of this challenge is to help you reduce your consumption, expenses, and garbage by getting you to think about every aspect of the recycling logo. Break out of old habits and find new ways to reduce your consumption, reuse what you can in creative ways, and recycle everything else.

Reduce – Stop and think before you buy. Stop and think before you use too much.

Reuse – Slow down before tossing it out. Find another use for it.

Recycle – Go ahead and recycle it for a new life if you’ve exhausted the other possibilities.

My response: Reduce Reuse Recycle...You bet I'm in!
In trying to save on plastic, I have stopped purchasing garbage bags...When I am out of Maggie's Soap Nuts, I use baking soda wash for our laundry needs -no plastic, no harm...sewing my children clothes and such from thrifted finds...I love this challenge!

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Chile said...

Hope you have fun with it, Myshell!