Friday, January 18, 2008


As I have said before, my childcare career is slowing down and the need to continue having an income and be able to be with my kids is priority. I have many patterns and fabric choices floating in my mind for an Etsy Shop, but this is not what I am sharing today.

My close friend, Haylie, has a very talented family. They are amazing craftsmen in a world full of "Made in China", everything's the same, plastic finishes. This was my first week working with her brother, Tucker. After finishing a beautiful piece of furniture (I don't think you would actually call it a piece of furniture, it's more like a wall unit) he has me helping with the finish work. You got it, right up my alley! He had me working with chains and rocks and making worm holes in his beautiful woodwork. Learning from a master is what I am doing, and I couldn't be happier! The flexibility is also a key factor to this being a success. I am able to take my kids to school and then able to pick them up at 3:15. Of course, I still have Rocco (Haylie's son) under my care. My Mom is picking up the slack for me with him and Roxie, as Roxie is in preschool two days a week. Although I still have a very busy daycare schedule this summer, once school starts again I am hoping to be in the workshop even more. As for the childcare part, we are calling it, "It Takes a Village Childcare". None of it would be possible without my Mom, I can never thank her enough. And I must say, it is hard to pull Rocco and Roxie away from Mimi's house when it is time to go back home. I don't blame them one bit though...if I was hanging out in front of a cozy fire and playing all afternoon, I wouldn't want to leave either.


Shannon Hodgins said...

Oh, that is beautiful! A master carpenter build a train for my Library- - - it was amazing. You can see a pic on my site with the kids playing in it. Carpentry is such an amazing talent.

You MUST sell your Memory Match. Lio took his for show-n-tell as his favorite toy for Christmas. All the teachers raved and asked me where I got it. The kids just loved looked at all the patterns.

That is such an AWESOME idea.

HEY. THOUGHT. I have to go to a birthday party next weekend. Can I buy a set before then? Shannon

Kelli said...

Michelle, thanks for sharing! Your "ejournal" is beautiful and your endless ideas are so creative. I am so proud of you and your family...your mission and your dedication to your life's goal. I am so fortunate to be able to follow along!