Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bloomin' Beauty...

I waited all week, watching the bud loosen it's grip around the bloom...then, last Saturday bloomed into this beautiful jewel. To just sit and watch it open every morning...refreshing to the mind and a great way to start the day.

Sadly, the week following we had a big, fat summer rain storm. The pond filled past the bottom of the bloom, leaving it unable to open and now...rotting. My lily bud looks so sad and lonely...

The summer rain storm was rockin' with thunder though...and I love that!


Going Crunchy said...

Bam, mucho posting at once! What a beautiful bloom, and loving the Zorro. You know I'll be buying our Hallowen costumes from you! Shan

Gord H. said...


i enjoy scanning through your photos.

do herons come after goldfish where you live?

my sister and many of her neighbours get cleaned out each fall as herons fatten up for a long migration.

take care,

gord h.

Myshell said...

Hey Gord! We don't get herons, but my mom has a much larger pond and she has to shoo the ducks away. She also has 3 large turtles. The kids love going over to Mimi's (my Mom) house, last week they found turtle eggs in the flower beds! I call my little pond our bird bath. We do have comets and we added some tadpoles early this summer. We have enjoyed watching them transform into frogs -which now sit on the rocks and watch you walk by. Oh and, the birds love it too! They get in and wash their wings...flapping, dipping and getting a sip from the waterfall.

Great photo of you and Ollie,

Myshell said...

Hey Shannon, what type of costumes are you thinking for Halloween?

I continue having dreams of you and I meeting...strange huh?