Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Memorial Ride...

After a lovely memorial service for Bill Studebaker, the party really started...complete with Dickel balls, bonfires, Spill(Bill) stories and to top it off...Sunday included a trip down the Hagerman stretch. We were thrilled to take the girls on their first real "River Ride" ...Thanks Jason, they loved it!

Oh and, for those who don't know what a "Dickel Ball" is...simple as filling your mouth full of Dickel and blowing into the fire. Lance won the Dickel Ball "shoot-off" and has the burnt beard, eyelashes and eyebrows to prove it!


creme brulee aka GH said...

ok, i'm still lost, myshell. what's dickel?

not a type of your margarita, is it?

I hear they can be pretty flammable too.


gord h.

ps nothing in local libraries related to Bill Studebaker's prose.

do you know anyone who would mail me a copy - I would definitely return it and even send a wendell berry book of prose as a guarantee!

Going Crunchy said...

It sounds like a great big ball of flaming fire! Dickel is a liquor, rather potent.

What a wonderful memorial- - and beautiful picture by Ausha.

Myshell said...

Hey Creme
As Shannon said, it is a rather potent whiskey. A George Dickel Whiskey. SO potent, I didn't know if Lance would be able to make it to the raft trip the next day! Ha ha! Serves him right, I say!

I have not read any of Bill's books. Of course, they are all at our local library...just a few blocks from me...and I plan to pick one up. I will see what I can come up with for you...

Thank you Shannon, I posted some more of Ausha's art on my craft-crazy blog. I plan on doing some cool stuff with her art, helping her find an avenue to make some college money. She has real talent, always has....Yes, I am her mama and may be a little bias, but hopefully soon you will see more of her art in the form of note cards and such...I'm sure you'll agree....Hey Creme, kinda like the cutest kid(Ollie) in the world thing...he is pretty dang cute, I must say!

Cheers to you both!