Monday, October 27, 2008

Compost Happens...

It seems to me that some people take their compost bins very seriously. Don't get me wrong -we put everything possible into ours and believe that if everyone composted, the world would be a better place. I think when you start composting, you become more aware of what you are wasting and how your purchases/food waste impacts our environment. Check this amazing guy who pretty much spells it out for you, Jonathan Bloom, at Wasted Just imagine the amount of wasted food found in your local landfill...

Our compost isn't very scientific, we throw whole corn cobs, butter wrappers and all kinds of food items, non-chopped, into our compost bin. If it looks dry, we water it. If it needs a good turn, it gets turned. That's about it. It has never stunk enough for me to say, "Man, that compost stinks!". Composting this way may take a bit longer to really "live" -as I like to call it- but seeing how we are still town folk, and aren't in need of an abundant amount of fresh compost to liven up our large garden space, it works.

My dream/future compost area will contain three large bins and a nice big chopping block. When needed, I will make my way out to the compost bins in my muddy boots, pick up my big ol' knife -I like to think of it as a machete- and chop away at the weeks compost collection. After doing this, I will so lovingly turn it into the composting compost.

Yep, that's my dream compost. You may think this seems a little odd, to dream about future composting, but my compost dream represents so many life changes. Changes that include acres and a yearning for self-sufficiency. A life that provides what is needed and teaches us what truly is needed. The life that is so pressing to get to, I feel at times I am not doing enough to get there. I constantly have to remind myself that these things can take time and the right time will come for our family.

Until I have my dream composting area, I am happy with our system and will stick to it. Because, wouldn't cha know it, compost happens...even when you aren't looking.

Now Humanure...that a whole different ballgame we would love to get scientific about.

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Going Crunchy said...

Oh, so funny. I seem to do mine similar to yours but mine is a whole hunk of stinking crud. You must have better composting karama then I.....but then again.....compost happens.