Friday, October 3, 2008

The Mouth Revolution

Lately, McDonald's has been advertising their McRib sandwiches, perhaps you have heard/seen this ad? Something about our stomachs asking for the McRib and McDonalds is listening...and bringing the McRib back. I hear this ad on the radio everyday it seems, we do not have cable -so perhaps it is on TV as well. As I switch the station (it just sounds so gross!) this favorite YouTube clip always comes to mind.

"If it ain't real...spit our your meal!"


Going Crunchy said...

Oh gosh, I had to viral with that one. I copied, but added credit to you. Hope it is o.k., just too good not to sahre!!!!

Going Crunchy said...

And oops! I forgot to add that I want to place an order - - -I would like to get one memory match for a girl if possible. I'd also love to spotlight your work for a Christmas present!

No rush, just a holiday pre-order. Shannon

Myshell said...

I have pictures of the girls and Lance making their own "mouth faces" It's fun!

I would love to make you another game! Is there a favorite color I should keep in mind?