Monday, October 20, 2008

Apple the Snow

I was surprised when I woke to snow on the garden last weekend. But even more so when it continued though the day and night. A great backdrop for another apple cider party. Good friends, fire pits in the snow and the sweet smell of cider. Could you ask for anything more on a Saturday evening?

In addition to processing the cider, I kept the press mashings and made "Apple Mash". After pulsing a bit in the food processor, I kept the mash at a good 150* for 40 minutes and then canned 14 qts of the yummy stuff. A hearty base for apple sauce, apple muffins and apple scones. My favorite part? Using every bit of the apple -minus the stem, I did pick those out.

The girls love it warm, with a dash of cinnamon and drop of maple syrup.

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