Sunday, September 16, 2007


Photo of my first faux paint...Our old Master BedroomBefore and after bedroom (Danny's "Sitting room")

Dining Room...
Back yard...

My Saturday consisted of paint, texture and then paint again. Mimi kept my kids in the evening so I could work on their rental. (Danny is moving out of our basement and into this house) After five years of renting to a family friend, the house was due for some major refinishing. Remember my recycled rock post? (If you do, Thank You for reading my journal with such attention...That's great!) This is the same property. The poor house has holes in the walls, abandoned texture work, a lawn I wouldn't recognize (which is saying a lot because Lance and I lived there about 5 years) and gross smoke on the walls. You know the kind..."If you're going to wipe that wall, you better plan on wiping the whole dang thing". I tend to just paint.

After painting one of the bedrooms(both coats even!) and texturing the ceiling, walls in the kitchen, and the ceiling in the dining room...I have to say "Ouch! My back hurts!" Thank goodness Mimi did all the boring prep work, I was able to just step in with my gear and start pouring on the mud and paint. Wouldn't have got so far on the project if I had prepped also. As it was, I worked until 3:00am..."Ouch!"

Still a bit of texture to work to do, but I think my master bath will be ready for texture first. Ya -that project is moving along steadily, I'll post progress pictures soon. I will tell you I picked up the rest of my slate on Friday, yet another reason to say "Ouch!" Slate is a pretty penny when you want it "just so". Worth the price tag I must say. It's a seller!

Did I say something about slowing down earlier? I knew better as I typed those words. If you haven't noticed, I must always be working on something with my hands. There must be some sort of slowing down though, at some point. (I am a Libra and the whole balance thing is true) Soon the master bath will be done and then it's little projects here and there. No more..."If we take this wall down and move the door here".

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