Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Recycled Rock...

About 8 years ago, or so, my wonderful husband built me a pond. At the time of construction my husband worked for a landscaping company. He would bring home any leftover rock and such. From this collection of recycled goods, our pond was born. Nothing but a few plants were bought. A frog was purchased as a tadpole, we had fish and lilies.
We have many fun memories of our pond. One that always sticks out in my mind is the evening ritual of feeding the frog, Johnny Como -named by our then 3 year old. He would jump up from his rock, snag the worm and slurp it down. The kids always found this fun and never tired of searching for worms to tie onto the frog pole (an old fishing pole). Lance and I enjoyed sitting and watching the kids and drinking our after work cold beer, or margarita...depending on the mood.
When we moved into our "first" home, almost 4 1/2 years ago, we left our pond. My parents own this rental property and now want to turn the pond area into parking and soon sell. Seeing how our pond was to be replaced with parking, we decided that we should rescue the recycled rock.
What better way to spend one of our vacation days than to dismantle an overgrown, jungle of a pond that once held our fancy! Kinda depressing to see our pond in such a state, more so to see my lovely lavender never pruned. No need to worry- I cut what was left and made some great smelling bundles.
So...these are a few pictures of our pond right after being built. I am looking for some pictures with the plants established and the pond busy with life. This sounds easy, but seeing how this is before I hit the digital wave, it is not. In the dismantling pictures, you can see how much of a jungle our pond turned into. I also found a great picture of Kaziah , about 2 or 3 years old, next to the lavender...my favorite plant at the pond.
Life happens, even when you aren't looking...

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