Sunday, September 7, 2008

WaterMelon Crusaders...

We celebrated Lance's Birthday this past August. His birthday included (and not all on the same day) kayaking lessons -which I completely loved!- yummy home-brew and a raft trip down the Hagerman stretch. This trip down the river was not like any other regular river ride, it was the "Margarita Run". Yep, exactly how it sounds -Margaritas for all and crazy costume/rafts a-float. We were the "Watermelon Crusaders". Needless to say, as the pictures clearly show, we all had a blast!

*More photos of the Margarita Run madness*

Also for Lance's Birthday, the girls and I put together a "Captain Planet" cape. We actually made two, one for the girls and one for Lance -which we decided not paint as we weren't sure what Lance would like to have on his long-asked-for "Planet Cape".

The girls call theirs the "Cape of Success" and have been sewing and pinning their treasures to it.

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