Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back Roads...

Back Roads. One of my favorite songs from Kate Wolf. If you haven't heard of Kate Wolf, check her out, that is if you like bluegrass-folksy music. The song goes something like... I'll take the back roads home through the open country side, letting things slip by in drawn out time. The shortest road isn't always the best. Back road's so easy, it just rambles on and on. Take it or leave it as it rolls along. Drifts through things it cannot change and doesn't even try. Wouldn't that be something for you and I? Any place you're bound you'll get there some day, you're the one who chooses what you see along the way. There's a back road winding everywhere. Sometime let a back road take you home.

This song keeps running through my mind. I am trying to slow down and enjoy all the imperfections in my life. I tend to try to "fix" things. I can't really fix all the clutter and chores...especially with three kids. With that said...I will do my best to allow just a small amount of clutter in my life. This is a lot harder than it sounds.

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