Thursday, July 5, 2007

Vastu Shastra

How many of you have heard of Vastu Shastra? Feng Shui is akin to Vastu Shastra, it too is practised to ensure living in harmony with one's environment...Vastu Shasta says, "Clutter can block the smooth energy, or prana, in a home, causing the energies to stagnate. It is far better to get rid of unwanted things". So, on that note, I am off to keep the energy flowing smoothly though my home. In other words, time to do some intensive house cleaning...I feel I am always doing that, but- "Keeping the energy flowing smoothly" sounds much more romantic than "Ugh! I have to clean again!" -Girl's...better get that room clean before I silence the clutter!

If you are interested, a great book on Vastu Shastra is: Vastu in 10 Simple Lessons, by Bilkis Whelan

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