Monday, July 30, 2007

There He Goes...

There he goes again, yet another week in WY. Lance is off to save the planet. His theme song..."Saving the Planet! Saving the Planet!" Yep...he really does sing this. In fact, we all do. Lance out of town so much can be hard at times, but the greater end product is what it's all about. The kids are used to it and I have to say, so am I. For those who do not know, Lance works for an awesome company called CSR- Conservation, Seeding and Restoration. (check out their web site through my web roll at right) This is a very "feel good" job for us as a family. We love what he is doing and what we are teaching our family as a whole. We live..."Saving the planet, Saving the Planet!" (In Wyoming he is working on BP land, restoring and maintaining native landscape after and during oil drilling)

This is a cell phone pix, taken by Lance last winter while in WY. As you can tell, it is cold there.

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