Friday, July 6, 2007

Productive Energy

"Deep in your heart, you have always known the truths about living Wabi Sabi," Obaa-san said as she calmly poured another cup of tea. "I'm simply here to remind you of those quiet truths, to counterbalance the years of other voices that have drowned them out. From one direction or another, you have learned to hide, ignore or resist the imperfections in your life and your surroundings, and you've probably done it well. Most everyone has. Now the time has come to channel that energy into more productive, enjoyable endeavors, to start valuing the whole of your life. Rather than defeat the imperfections in life, living Wabi Sabi will help you to redefine the negatives, to understand their hidden, positive lessons and become a more joyful person along the way." -Obaa-san (Living Wabi Sabi, The True Beauty of Your life, by Taro Gold)

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