Saturday, December 29, 2007

Meeting Sonya Lilly...

The holidays brought Sonya Lilly and her family to town. Good times...I get to see my old friend, KC, about three times a year. I had seen many pictures and was eagerly awaiting the visit when I got to meet the newest addition, Sonya Lilly. Such a cutie! Always smiling and reaching out for fun. So glad to finally meet her in person. Oh and, by the looks of it, her Mama doesn't make milk, she makes cream! Sonya's big sister, Olivia Sunflower, has taken on her role like a champ.

Here is Roxie and Olivia Sunflower when they were babies...Then '04 and Now '07. Olivia is getting ready to open her Christmas present from me, a Memory Match Game. Click here to view the baby blanket I put together for Sonya.


creme brulee said...

Have a very Happy New Year, from GH at Four Mugs. More martinis?

I'll stick with my whisky toddies, am making a batch for roving band of friends who plan to visit my shed/workshop from 9 - 11, before moving on to the last house.

great baby pictures, etc. the pair that incl. your daughter and friend at different ages are very interesting; something is getting its head chewed off in each picture it seems.


zenmama said...

It was so great to see you and the family! Hopefully we'll make it up again for Easter. Thanks again for the awesome gifts, too! Happy New Year, KC