Saturday, December 8, 2007

Spreading the Canvas Love...

Sharing again my favorite youtube clip of Tim Minchin's Canvas Bags.

I am a constant user of my hemp/cloth bags. Many a clerk have things to say. Most are pretty good and I have found it starts up positive conversation. I love this part. The conversation can easily involve the people behind me in line as well. I remember once, as I was leaving the line after such conversation, the woman behind me asked for paper bags. May have just been coincidence and she always gets paper, or maybe it was our conversation. I like to think of it as so. Spreading the word is a way to live. Teach by my actions, being the change I want to see. Hopefully my positive interactions with other shoppers will follow them on their next shopping trip.

Ultimately, it comes down to what I am teaching my children.

Some clerks are annoyed by it. I am one of those shoppers who do not bag their produce and the clerks have to wrestle my fruits and veggies. It's not like I just throw them down, I am a very helpful customer. I had one guy thank me "On behalf of the planet". This was nice, but it hit me wrong. I may have been already getting irritated with all the plastic use going on around me and the wasteful spending. When he thanked me I thought, "OK, that's a better response than I usually get. But wait a second! Why are you thanking me for something everyone should be doing! Do you use canvas bags? Am I really the exception in this mad-house?!"

Yes, I think I was already irritated with the other stuff going on around me. I used to enjoy shopping. Now the smells, lights and full carts send me over a bit. I love to "Treasure Hunt" antique stores and 2nd hand stores, I find much pleasure in it. But my weekly grocery shopping is dreaded. Perhaps if our town had a good co-op, I wouldn't be complaining so much.

Yesterday we went "Treasure Hunting". My favorite is the book section. I immediately start looking for old "Little Golden Book" series. I also found the "Canadian Classic" _Mary of Mile 18_ by Ann Blades.Lovely book._Gus was a Friendly Ghost_by Jane Thayer, is a childhood favorite, and who doesn't love _Leo the Lop_?"
Roxie loves her "new" wooden puzzle of Thumper and Bambi.

My favorite clerk comment came yesterday after our "Treasure Hunt". The clerk said, "I like people like you".

I also found more small kid glasses and a great jar to replace more plastic storage in my kitchen. Besides the old books, the big score of the treasure hunt was a new Carhartt button-up for Lance. "Winner-Winner"

You see, I am not that hard to please...just don't try to take me to Wal-Mart!

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Vic at It's Only Natural Gifts said...


We love your blog and were drawn to it through Tim Minchin's website. He's our inspiration as well with "Take Your Canvas Bags" being our daily tune. Check out what we did as a result of being touched by Tim's enthusiasm - No kidding, the idea came about because of Tim's addictive tune and we've expanded from beautiful canvas bags to customized gift sets in canvas bags. Choose the bag (we'll put whatever image you desire on it or use one from our selection), choose the contents you want and voila, a truly personal gift is sent. The added benefit is that there will be no more wasteful baskets or excess packaging. Give a great gift - healthy, wholesome, handsome, eco-friendly, organic, luxurious, loving, and yummy.

As an aside, we just got a response from Tim himself saying it was a brilliant idea. We're thrilled.

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