Friday, December 21, 2007


I tried, I really did. I wanted an informal picture of my kids and dogs to share. I was hoping for one I felt was good enough for the Christmas card. It seems I just ended up with a bunch of out-takes. Although no one else will see the fun and laughter had during this photo shoot, I will. The older girls were no problem. It was Roxie who gave us headache. She would be standing there all nice and quiet and as soon as we said "One, two..." on three she would strike some funky pose and we would all end up laughing. Of course this just encouraged our little clown. In the end, I went with the school picture.

Every year I do a large stack of Christmas cards to send out to friends and family. Although I have always enjoyed sending these pictures and holiday greetings, it was harder for me this year. We are trying to save resources and money. So sending out a bunch of cards and using the transportation needed to deliver them did not seem like the right choice. Plans have changed for next year, we will be doing email greetings. Of course there are a few cards I will send out, grandparents who never hit the web wave and such. But when doing this, I will be sure to either make our cards from recycled paper products (like old Christmas cards) or purchase Christmas cards made from Organic and Earth Friendly companies.

Another small way to help "Save the Planet".

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creme brulee said...

lovely school photo in b and w. very elegant.

look like you'll have two hams for Christmas - the pooch and your youngest daughter!

all the best, gah @ four mugs