Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What the Flickr!

I have finally gone pro and added My Flickr to this page, and the whole Flickr universe for that matter. I have much work to do with this photo account and little time to do so (holiday craft deadlines, bath remodel, three get the picture). I hope you check it out and enjoy the photos that are there. I have many sets waiting in the wings...stay tuned.

You can get a taste of My Flickr by watching a slideshow on my sidebar.

1 comment:

Shannon Hodgins said...

Fun! I've found that I look at pictures more and share then with relatives via Flickr. It made sense to us as we have relatives far from home both here and in Europe.

Note, I didn't look at your photos info, but make sure you check your info carefully. I didn't realize that who my camera was registered to (with full last name that I don't publish online) was coming through. Shannon