Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shovels and Birthdays...Making it a Memorable One.

Yesterday morning was really, I love waking to a parkway flooded with mysterious water gurgling up from between the concrete pads. Nothing says "Good Morning" like a broken underground water pipe. After getting the girls to school, we determined the break must be the main water pipe from the farmhouse to our rental unit. Figuring the break was under the concrete pads, but not knowing where the pipe actually was, we got to digging.

I should also share that anytime anything goes wrong, like emergency trips to the hospital or broken water pipes, Lance is out of town.

So, with shovels in hand, we started our morning. Our renter, who has proven himself very useful, grabbed a shovel as well. Once we dug enough and found where the pipe entered under the concrete, we offered our renter a sum of money and he set to work breaking up and removing a large portion of concrete driveway. So many hours later, the problem was located...Thank goodness for helpful renters!

Did I mention it was also my Moms birthday? Happy Birthday Mom! -Grab a shovel.

No worries though, we ended the day with a lovely take-out dinner (talk about creating unnecessary landfill waste) and delicious cheesecake. You can never go wrong with cheesecake, especially when it is topped with fresh raspberries and a finely chopped Kit-Kat bar. Yum.

While I was busy in the kitchen, I asked Roxie to draw Mimi, my Mom, a birthday picture. I didn't see the drawing until after my Mom opened her gift - and I just have to share it with you.

She said, "See Mimi, we're in our Birthday suits! I thought it was funny!"

Yup Roxie, you clever little monkey, it is funny...and Oh SO Cute that my 5 yr old thought of and drew it herself.

Funny Huh?

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