Friday, October 9, 2009

Snow in October...

Last weekend we woke to snow on the farm. A first for us. Somewhat of a major bummer, as Lance wasn't home to enjoy it too. Poor guy has been gone for work 16 days now, and I don't expect him home for another 7. A long trip this time around. A long one indeed.

I do love the first snow, it makes everything so bright and clean looking...covers those weeds that are still hangin' around and makes me think of the winter to come. Definitely motivates me to get done with the main chores I have at hand so I can fully enjoy the cold weather to come. Which for me means yummy things cooking in the kitchen, a humming sewing machine and a networking computer. Go ahead and throw a fireplace in the mix too.

The snow came down like a fine powder sugar dusting at first, but then it just kept snowing. The wet weather calmed my allergies and gave a slight relief to popping Claritin 24/7. Although by now, the snow is gone and the desert wind is back, bringing with it the many joys of allergies.

Snow in October...a sign it'll be a wet one?

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