Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Diva Cup...

I have been in love with my Diva Cup for over two years now. Every month I am reminded of this love and the freedom it brings me. All this praise for a little menstrual cup? YES!

A Diva Cup frees you up to live the duration of your cycle with no worries. From longer stretches of time in which you literally forget you are cycling (it's that comfortable!) to swimming with no worries of the dreaded "String" making an appearance.

Freedom in a Cup...and rightly so.

After my D & C procedure early September, I was told not to use anything other than traditional pads to absorb my bleeding. During this time I was reminded and blown away at how wasteful *women's toiletries are! Yes, I knew the waste created by women's products before this, but with the use of my Diva Cup, I tend to forget that there are still women who are slaves to their cycle...and in turn creating a huge portion of landfill waste needlessly.

Why is this? Do women think a traditional pad or tampon is more convenient? It's not. Believe me. There is nothing more convenient than a Diva Cup. Are women so uncomfortable with their own bodies they feel they have no other choice? None of these excuses work for me. I would love to see women* take control of their cycle and the industry that controls them. Once you try a Diva Cup, or any like product, you will never go back. I have friends who have taken this advice to heart and are now in the same boat I am...preaching the Diva Cup like there's no tomorrow. And If we continue to act oblivious about our everyday choices and the impact they have on the world around us, there may not be a tomorrow.

Do you use a Diva Cup?

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