Monday, October 1, 2007

Fun on Skates...

Ausha and AdrianMia, Roxie, and Olivia
My Dad and Lance (right)

We celebrated Ausha's 11th Birthday in the skating rink. I'm really not that sore, can't say the same for Lance though. Guess the sore muscles I have from Ballet just can't compare to those from a bit of skating! Even my Dad tied on some skates and took to the rink...It was Roxie's first time skating, doesn't she look so adorable?! At first she wouldn't let go of our hands, then she and her friends decided they were big girls and rolled around the rink like the little princesses they are...very cute.

Ausha picked a homemade meal of orange chicken, homemade mac and cheese, and artichokes for dinner. She decided on Chocolate Mud Cake for her dessert. (this one is asked for a lot actually, if you love chocolate -try it!) After dinner, she opened her presents. She was pleased to find that her Grandpa had gotten her the alarm clock she was wanting, which left Kaziah very upset saying, "What if I don't want to get up at 6am?!" I don't know how many times she stated her concerns over this, it was quite funny I must say (they share a room). Lance and I bought her a karaoke machine, so the rest of the evening found us all singing around the table and laughing at each other...lots of fun!


Kc said...

Happy Birthday Ausha!!

Anonymous said...

That was a fun day!! Love you all & Happy Ausha Day!!