Monday, October 15, 2007

Something New...

After a couple years of reading craft crazy blogs, and wanting a fun way to stay connected with friends and family, I was inspired to start my own, Color Your World Pink. Being busy with our remodel and such, my sewing machine (a first love) has been neglected. I feel its pain, its dust, and stagnate energy clogging my own pores. So, in an effort to move that stagnate energy elsewhere, I am starting a little craft blog, Color your World Craft-Crazy. Go on over and check it out! No worries, I will always be here for my daily dose of blogdom. I hope those of you who love to craft will hang around and see what happens or, at the very least, be inspired to find your own love of crafting...I use the term "crafting" to include any sewing, painting, knitting and kid crafts that find their way into my/your life.

Pocket on an apron I made for a dear friend.

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Shannon said...

Oh how cool! I can't wait to read your new blog! Shannon