Monday, October 8, 2007

Menstrual Cycle...

The DivaCup. If you are not a pad girl, and you still want an alternative to the disposable world of menstrual cycles, try the DivaCup. Belief is in the trying. Trust me, you will wonder how you ever used disposables. If you are willing to try (good for you!) and aren't too keen on pads, let me give some advice. Purchase the DivaCup and liners. Once you use the cup, you will have no use for the larger pads. I took one for the team and purchased the Deluxe Kit and the DivaCup, only to find that, although the pads are extremely comfortable, I have no use for them. THAT is how much faith I have in the DivaCup, or as I call it, Freedom in a Cup. (Seriously, you can insert it in the morning and forget about it until bedtime!)

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