Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pizza, Snakes...and other Happenings

The master bath progress...I started the tape and mud float on Saturday night. Every night since, I have been in this space with my blades and mud, floating away...You ask why Lance isn't in there doing it, it's "Man's work" you say? No such thing. I am an artist in mud and paint. Lance knows when to check on me and give me all the expected encouragement, "Looks great babe! You are so good at this, and fast!" If he forgets and leaves me wondering where he is, I simply state, "Man! I sure am getting thirsty!" or "Wish someone would fill my wine glass!" He appears super fast, beer in hand, with compliments pouring off his tongue. He knows how to keep out of the work. Crazy as it may sound, I actually enjoy texturing. I love to find a new pattern or flow. I have been using a bit of quartz sand in my mud. (Thanks for the tip Tink!) The sand gives a great effect. I was up until midnight last night, would have been ready for primer today if I hadn't run out of mud! ARG!!! I'll post some pictures as soon as I am ready to show it off. As much as I like to do the work, I like to see it done.

I have so many projects to do, I get frustrated when I can't get them all done. Boring chores, like mopping the floors and doing laundry seem to keep me from some of these projects. They aren't all "work" projects either. Some are sewing projects I want to do, holiday crafts, and that book I want to read. I have to be honest here and say, as much as I want and need to be creative in this area of non-house projects, I can't get away from it. Meaning...I see the end product and can't stop working towards that goal. (selling my house and moving my family towards more sustainable living) I need to find a balance and make it a priority. I really can't sew the Frankenstein Halloween Doll when there are dirty dishes in my sink. I'm always thinking I should be doing something productive. I tend to blame it on "The creative juices can't flow when there is chaos around me!". But then, shouldn't I have more control over my brain than this? Who cares if the house is a disaster and you can't see the counters!? Honestly, how can I really keep the floor spotless when I have two dogs, three kids, a husband, and all the extra kids and family traveling through. Oh, and their dogs too. Did I mention myself in that list? This is a step for me in accepting imperfection. Evidence of me accepting imperfection can be seen as I go to my dance classes. Dishes done or not, that is mine and I will be there. Oh ya, the fact that I actually leave the house for this helps...

More to say about the above mentioned "Clean Freak Phobia". I think phobia describes this control issue well. Clean Freaks must have control of their surroundings, they have fear of losing that clean, spotless life. I would call myself a "Recovering Clean Freak".

Want to hear(read) another "phobia" of mine? First, you should know that I have two brothers. Two brothers who were never short on bringing a snake in the house. That's right, I have "snake phobia". I have had snakes in my bed (that statement made me laugh!) snakes under my feet, snakes thrown at me, and snakes put on my head. I am better about it, but they(brothers) still know that I squirm at the idea of a snake close to me. They still tease me by pretending they have one in their hand and tickle my neck. I would jump at the shape of a snake, like a cord or a funky shaped stick. Last summer I was fed up with it and bought some play snakes. I gave them to the kids, put them in the sandbox, any place I could unexpectedly come across them. And guess what...I don't jump anymore! I have bought books to read to the kids about snakes, taken the kids to see snakes at the Herrett Center, I even made a few of them on my sewing machine. All of this "therapy" has helped. You ask if I would hold one now...That's simple. No. No I will not. I totally respect snakes and actually think they are wickedly cool. But I will not subject myself to their ways anymore than I have to. Why my mother allowed them in our house is beyond me. My girls know that I have the power (the controlling, clean, no snakes freak in me), and they will never have a pet snake in my house -something I see Kaziah wanting. So you see, there is reason behind my madness. FYI -I think my brothers feel at least a little guilt for teasing me so horribly when we were young. If not, I hope they are reading this and squirming in their chairs! Is that something bad to hope?

This post has gone more places than I originally anticipated! Ok, so the pizza part of this post. Today there is no school for all my kids. By all my kids, I mean the daycare kids I have had for years. They are in elementary school now and I only see them when school breaks. So, for something fun to do, we are making pizza dough for tomorrows pizza making. They all get to make their own pizzas! Sounds like fun huh?! You wonder how I can type a post during daycare hours? I have had all my kids for years, their parents are great clients and also good friends. The kids are at their 2nd home. They all do their own thing with me throwing fun things in here and there. I think it is important for kids to have creative time to just play. So many kids have every minute scheduled, I believe they miss out on the most important part of being a kid, imaginative play. Top that with a home atmosphere, even chores, and you have a great balance. I love my job. Feels like I am at home with all my kids. (Don't get me wrong, I have days when I wish I was somewhere else. Who doesn't?)

Wow! You made it through all my blabbering...keep up the good work!

Photo of the Mama snake and Baby snake I made last year.


Shannon said...

Oh, maybe it's just that kinda week. Maybe the moon? Maybe just the vibe of changing seasons that brings out a restlessness?

Painting and wine.....oh, I used to love to paint a sloppy canvas and drink vino. It's been years........and I'm so "not" a painter. I just like to paint. Humm....feel a post coming with that one.

Hazel Nut said...

Can't say I love snakes but they don't bother me too much. I was startled by one today however, as I was driving home from Bayfield a hawk flew past in front of my car with a 2 foot snake dangling from its beak. (Do hawks have beaks?)