Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Barbie and Such...

We'll stay safer, you and me, when we avoid 6, 7 and 3!

I found another informative site about plastics, food, microwave use, and many other topics. I enjoyed how it was written, the information is easy to "digest". Please look into it, as it is important to know what we should avoid as consumers. Making a healthier, more educated choice when it comes to ourselves and our children is our responsibility.

I have removed many of the plastics in our home, starting in the kitchen. As I run a daycare in my home, you can imagine the plastic cups and plates we used. Many of these were the "safe" plastics, but I removed them just the same. The kids I have are over the age of two and I decided they were old enough to know, "This is glass" and "Take a drink, leave your glass on the counter". I most definitely did not want to run out and buy all new stuff, I am very much into reusing. A trip to the Youth Ranch (2nd hand store) was the answer. I now have many small glasses and also scored some great Pyrex containers for food storage, all for $20.65! The glasses are the same, so a little sticker to identify them to each child has become a fun game. I have other things to replace, but the plastic use in our home is getting less and less.

My husband and I have never really been a fan of commercial, plastic-y toys...Barbie Dolls and other such nonsense. Yes, my girls have had Barbie Dolls in the past. I grew up with two favorite Barbie Dolls that I still own, although the girls do not play with them. Actually, Lance put a stop to Barbie in our home a few years ago, Roxie has never had one. And you know, my kids are old enough to read the information on toxic plastic and other such things, like American waste and "How do you think that was made, is it really worth it?". They may not understand all of it, but they are beginning to make their own choices. Makes me feel I am doing my job as a parent.

There are alternatives to this plastic world of toys. One of my all-time favorite places to buy gifts is Magic Cabin. There are other options...You just have to look. Of course, I love to make gifts even more.

I really do have more to learn and explore, but that is what life is about. I figure, if the "The Man" says it is OK, I better look closer.

A photo of my "new" glasses and Pyrex, and out with the old.

New site to see:Delicious Organics


Shannon said...

Oh wow, you're doing it too! Your info and discussion on the topic got me started in the first place, and once you start to dig deeper it just made me rethink what we were doing.

Ooh, can you please e-mail me your address again to rainbook101@yahoo.com. I've got a package to send to you!!!!!

Hey, for your daycare too you might be into using camping plates or such. Might be worth a look see.

We've only broken one glass so far, and it was actually Mama that did it. Too funny. It broke, I cleaned it up and that was that.

I'm doing great on the great de-plastic plan in the kitchen- - -but have a long way to go with toys. Shannon

creme brulee said...

myshell and shannon,

price of oil hit all-time high last Thursday, $96.24, but settled at $93.49. our oil-dependence will cost us all a great deal in the future.

your move away from plastic creates a breath of fresh air.

ceeb (@ Four Mugs)