Thursday, February 14, 2008

Heart Day...and More

Valentines Day...another day where society tells us if we don't spend money on our loved ones, we're cheap and heartless. Ba hum bug! Even though I am not a roses and diamonds kind of girl, I still like to be loved on. With Lance out of town this week (and honestly...Lance doesn't have a very good track record on this so-called holiday) I bought myself some tulips (roses are so over-rated!) and a bottle of wine. My plans for the evening include a lovely dinner with my three Valentines -Ausha, Ziah and Roxie, a close friend and her son, a bottle of wine and a movie. And let me tell you...a movie on a school night is a big deal.

Also, I have been away from this space a lot lately...just been super super busy. More craft-crazy stuff here and my master bath is sooo close to being done. Not everything is in place (like the toilet) but I did get a shower for the first time since Sept '07. I am so over baths! Here is a glimpse...I'll share the whole thing when I can. (Remember this and this?)


Shannon Hodgins said...

Happy V-Day! I love those flowers, and the bathroom.

I do have to giggle at the painted tootsies, flashing tattoo AND girly girl flowers. What a combo. Shannon

creme brulee said...

Hi myshell,

I'm in agreement with Shannon, great choice of flowers, bathroom looks A1 too.

When I learn how to use more features on the new computer I'll send shot of tile work on our (relatively) new floor (summer 2007).

You're always working so hard! Amazing.

Cheers, gah