Friday, February 1, 2008

Over There...Craft-Crazy

A new schedule has me away from home a bit more than usual...and I'm loving it! My schedule includes a balanced square of my favorite things...I am still with my kids, painting and learning new tricks everyday and my new sewing machine has me in a trance. It is a good life when I go home to change out of my painting clothes and into my dance clothes....I will never stop dancing, it is in my blood.

...Check out craft-crazy for more of my new sewing machine madness.

Lance and I are off to a kid-free, live jazz and wine drinking kind of an evening...Cheers!


Shannon Hodgins said...

Oh my gravy, haven't had one of those in a while. *Love* live jazz, *love* red wine. Sigh. Shannon

Shannon Hodgins said...

Oh, and you are TAGGED for a meme. See blogg. Ba ha ha ha ha. Shannon