Monday, February 4, 2008

Love Mail...

The blogger world is constantly surprising me. It has connected my family with people whom I would never have met. Friendships made, ideas shared and love mail fun!

A cold, snowy Saturday found me lying around watching HGTV, thinking "I really should get up and sew or paint something..." But, I continued to lie there, drinking my beer. When a package showed up from Shannon, my spirits were lifted. Inside the box I found fabric, "Father Forest" and dinner...yep, dinner. Shannon said, "Since we can't have you over for dinner (1700 miles between us) I'm sending you dinner." Such a lovely gesture.....

After Lance and I made dinner together, something rare...I do all the cooking around here...I was ready to take something on, like my sewing machine. The rest of the evening found me cutting, sewing, adjusting and here to see what I made. Stayed up way too late, but that's how I like it!

Thank you Shannon. Your friendship is greatly appreciated.

Here is her recipe for Israeli Couscous. (we also added sun dried tomatoes) I plan on using it as a side dish to my lemon salmon. Super yummy.

Boil one package of Israeli Couscous per package directions. This type of Couscous is usually by the pastas or rice section. It's a type of pasta and it almost seems to take on a firm yet creamy texture when cooked.

Cook either fresh or canned spinach in saute pan and throw in a little olive oil, basil, and lots of fresh garlic. Toss in one can of marinated artichokes. If you have any Parmesan around then throw it on top of the dish and mix it all up.

Mix Couscous and spinach mixture together in a bowl.

It's a simple dish that was full of flavor, rather economical and veggie friendly. I served it with a loaf of low carb nut bread and sliced raw veggies.

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Shannon Hodgins said...

Aw, what a sweet post. I *love* her backpack. Um, I was gonna send you a bottle of vino too but I have to admit that it was on my menu that night! Cheers, Shan